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Archive of works/projects/research

1997 - 2013 c.a.

PhD Dissertation
Milan Polytechnic 2005-2008

Those who improvise charcoal tables to sell grilled corn on the corners,

those who arrange baby carriages as itinerant junk food stalls,

those who perform malabars at traffic lights,

those who go shoe shining from dawn to dusk,

those who push, pull, bend, twist, hang, trash about and struggle everyday with the materials that the contemporary discards,

those who use their inner, natural, innate: primal creativity to make a living and a life.

Those, the non professional ones are the : SOLOS.

How can their creativity be extrapolated to other realms of society in order to build up more liveable cities?

Which could be the role of design in a conversation that regards public art and politics?

Those were some of the questions of the dissertation in which 4 cities were explored to trace the SOLOS phenomena

using photography as a tool and pillar for further communication artefacts and proposals.


DESIS is a network of design labs, based in design schools and design-oriented universities, actively involved in promoting and supporting sustainable changes.

It collaborates with other networks focused on social innovation, quality of life and design for sustainability, establisheshing partnerships with private companies, NGO's and government agencies that share similar views.
DESIS is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

to learn more:

Your Extraordinary Life series
The YXL series, were an attempt to give visibility to the ordinary elements that surround our urban every-day lives.
Water, light, wind... elements that turn into extraordinary phenomena if proper care/attention is given.

Visual Journeys

Everyday life details of a planet where time passes by too fast. Quotidian images, mostly in slow motion, aiming at highlighting the virtue of human gestures and the possibilities that unfold when we redefine reality. Journeys where music, is the core.

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1998 - 2011 Projects


2010-2011 Series of Workshops and conferences on the topic of design for social innovation and sustainability. Asia.

Collaboration with Open House Design Studio in Tokyo and Tek Tao Studio in Shanghai.


2008-2011. Radical. A Semester long academic exercise in which students are invited to give up unsustainable practices in their daily lives and register it on video. To see the outcomes


2008 Just Chilling (El Arte de Potreriar), a follow up of the sustainable gestures/UPS project this time conducted in Colombia. Sponsored by Kassani design.


2008-2011 Teaching, advisory and mentoring academic projects related to strategic design & sustainability including thesis. Los Andes University. Colombia.


2008 Overbank The Future of Money. Milan. In the Framework of the Milan Design Week. Sponsored by Credito Valtelllinese bank.


2007 UPS Up to Sustainability. Photographic review on sustainable gestures. Milan. Italy. Supported by Fuorisalone Italy and Best Up.


2002-2003 Communications advisory, India at LIFE Foundation, Impact India Foundation and Tara.

2000 scenography and communications intern at EXPO2000 Hannover.


1998-2000 Copy writer and editor for Radio and TV.