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Design/Academic publications:

_2018 Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Catédra Marta Traba
“Agua-Oro Azul: Ciudad y Sociedad en acto reflexivo”. Video publication.


_2017 -2018 Consultancy - peer reviewing various pubblications.

_2016 The Pearl Diver. The designer as storyteller.

ISBN: 978-88-941673-6-8



Communication for social innovation + Facult

Visiting Professorship Jingnan University. Wuxi. China.

_2014 Stadtlabor Berlin.  By Experimentdays id:22 ISSN 2194-993X

die Umwelt Drukerei

+ Occupy Berlin. 16:00 min. video. https://vimeo.com/137911045

In collaboration with id:22 Berlin –Experimentdays13



_2014 - 2014

Thesis reviewer.

Graduate Institute Geneva. Switzerland

Reviewer for PhD and Master thesis

On visual anthropology


_2013 Proceedings - E. Bertolotti, A. Mendoza, F. Piredda, Is everybody a Video-Maker? Audiovisual communication in the pursuit of austerity, Paper presented at Cumulus Conference More fore Less – Design in the age of austerity. 7-9 November 2013, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland. www. cumulusdublin.com

Related project: DESIS IN THE MIRROR: http://desisinthemirror.imagishub.it/video/


_2011. Proceedings. 5th International Conference on Design for Sustainability.

Yamagata - Japan.


_2011. Visions for Change, Recommendations for Effective Policies on Sustainable Lifestyles. United Nations Environment Programme. Ministry of Environment Sweden. UNEP

ISBN 978-92-807-3116-3 DTI/1321/PA. www.unep.fr


_2011. Mendoza Andrea. From Hubs to Habitats; sensitive communication and indigenous knowledge in the pursuit of urban quality of life. Proceedings of the Cumulus Shanghai conference. Sept. 2010.

ISBN: 978-952-60-0046-6


_2010. Medellín On The Air. T+A Architecture Magazine Shanghai. China. November 2010.

ISSN 1005-684X CN 31-1359/TU.


_2009-2011 Universidad de Los Andes. Dept. Design. Blog. http://designblog.uniandes.edu.co/blogs/desis/

_2010 Mendoza Andrea. Radical Zero. The pertinence of mental design. Sustainability in Design: Now, Challenges and opportunities for design research, education and practice of the XXI century. Bangalore. India. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data: a catalogue record for the book is available from the British Library. ISBN-13: 978-1-906093-54-9


_2010. Manzini Ezio, Penin Lara, Lou Yonqi, Gong Miaosen, Cipolla Carla, MRithaa Mugendi, Mendoza Andrea, Jégou François, Ela Adital. DESIS International Network: Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability. Creation and Design. School of Design Jiangnan University. 2010

ISSN 1674-4187.


_2010 The DESIS Network: Design and Social Innovation for Sustainability. The Journal of Design Strategies. Change Design. Parsons School  for Design. Vol 4. N. 1 Spring 2010. 

The New School 2010. ISSN: 1935-0112.  ISSN: 1935-0120


_2009. Beltran Oscar. Interview for 9 Postures book. Proposals for a change of postures; mental ergonomics and sustainability. Kassani Diseño. Pg 100-115.

ISBN 978-958-98712-2-5    www.kassani.com


_2009. Fulgurar Bestiarius. Mendoza Andrea.  International Symposium on Sustainable Design. Sao Paulo. Brazil. Proceedings. ISSN 2176-2384


_2009 Illegally Sweet. Mendoza Andrea. Proceedings. Consumers Citizenship Network. Berlin.


_2008 Mendoza Andrea. UFO's: Unidentified Future Objects. Proceedings. Changing the Change Seminar. Turin Italy ISBN 978-88-422-1670-4


_2008 PhD Tesis. Mendoza Andrea. SOLOS: self-organized-livelihood-subjects, primal creativity in the liveable cities discourse. Politecnico di Milano.



_ 2008 Mendoza Andrea. Sustainability in Black and White. E-book: Global Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Consumer Citizens International Federation for Home Economics IFHE Consumer Issues & FRM Programme Committee  Ireland. XXth IFHE Congress 2008, "REFLECTING THE PAST - CREATING THE FUTURE" 1908 . Lucern, Switzerland.


_ 2007 Mendoza Andrea.. A Rain Of Ideas In The Innovation Field. International Creativity Congress:  Radosa Personiba. Creative Personality Ed. lespiest SIA Jumi. Riga. Latvia.

ISBN 978-9984-39-372-8


_2004 Biodiversity, so what? Respecting international agreements at the cost of biodiversity.

Mendoza Andrea. Uneps SC-Net.



_ 2002. Mendoza Andrea. Poverty and waste. 

Unep's SC-Net.



_2003. Guevara Pilar, Niño Julián, Panesso Juliana, Mendoza Andrea. The Garden of Forking Paths. Supermarket as urban sustainable purchasing scenario, in the framework of the Visions of Possible Worlds conference, and the SEP Sustainable Everyday exhibition. Presented at the Triennale di Milano.  Italy


_2003. Mendoza Andrea. Katmandú.  Revista Euforia. Medellin. Colombia. Grupo Avianca Summa.


_ 2003 Mendoza Andrea. Everest Base Camp Sustainability and Eco-tourism. Article. Revista Cambio. Colombia


_2003 Mendoza Andrea. Sustainable Purchase& biodiversity. How ancient knowledge and wisdom have been converted into Eco-products. Reviewing case stories.


_2002-2003. Mendoza Andrea. Orcha & Jhansi villages. Tara Gram. India. Research.


_2002-2003. Mendoza Andrea. Aarohi. Uttaranchal. India. Research.


_ 2002 Mendoza Andrea. MEMES. Revista La Tadeo. N. 67 Universitdad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Bogotá Colombia. ISSN 0120-5250 http://www.utadeo.edu.co/dependencias/publicaciones/bartes/revista67.php/


_2001 - 1997 Newsletters & Sustainable Consumption series. Mendoza Andrea.  Revista Agenda Cultural. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

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